Is your total partner for all controlled LED systemsmedia facadesarchitainmentcontrolled lighting and led displays.

LED IS MORE wants to convert your vision into an unforgettable beacon together with you. We will make your space or building into a landmark.

Our team of experienced LED professionals and our partners will offer support as from the very beginning of the idea. Including innovative proposals if wanted, until the practical implementation, content creation and thereafter maintenance and follow-up, which are just as important.



  • Top 5 on the Belgian market of controlled LED systems
  • Top quality
  • Sustainable products
  • Project-based total approach
  • Own production and installation
  • Innovative and creative proposals
  • 50 years of experience

LED IS MORE specialises inmedia facadesarchitainmentcontrolled lighting and led displays.

Our areas of expertise

  • LED displays

    Your brand will be recognisable and made justice immediately. During the day and night.

  • Media facades

    Making existing light advertisements more energy efficient, greener and maintenance friendlier.

  • Controlled lighting

    Creating unique but adjustable moods for a unique attraction.

  • Architainment

    Architectural, accent and decorative dynamic lighting. Both for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Light advertisement

    Various creative lighting options. A field all of its own that is carried by Neopaul Signs.

  • Get in touch
    +32 3 321 28 77

Our approach from A to Z

1Idea & concept

LED IS MORE will help you elaborate a creative idea or will discuss options with you in our inspiration room while you are forming ideas.

2Design & simulation

Our experienced designers will elaborate your idea. You can always ask us for a free simulation.

3Permits & administration

LED IS MORE will arrange the required permits and authorisations for your project.


The experienced employees of LED IS MORE will carefully develop every project in our own workshop or with specialised partners.


The installation requires a project-based approach. Our specialised installation teams guarantee a seamless installation.


LED IS MORE will take care of the maintenance and any repairs of all its installations.