About us

In 50 years time, Neopaul developed from a modest glass blowing enterprise into a leading company in visual communication and light advertisement.

LED IS MORE is our brand name for the renewed focus on controlled led systems.

The ideal led partner

LED IS MORE is the ideal partner for innovative solutions for both the simplest and most complex projects. This is possible thanks to a combination of the most modern technology and dynamic LED systems.

LED IS MORE focuses strongly on flexibility, quality and reliability and distinguishes itself from the competition in this way.

Quality before everything

The quality of our product is always given the highest priority. This is the rule of thumb at Neopaul and, therefore, you cannot expect anything less at LED IS MORE. This is one of the reasons why we do everything ranging from design, product development, prototyping, production, permits to installation under our own management.

We will even deal with the most complex and challenging concepts thanks to the close partnership that we have with our experienced light consultants, engineers, employees and you, the customer.

LED IS MORE, powered by Neopaul


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