Customer vision

AFAS asked for a spectacular logo that would contribute to their marketing endeavours.It had to be an interactive logo with a maximum reach.

Our realisation

We elaborated a few light studies together with the interior architect that we submitted to the customer so that a choice could be made. Ultimately, the customer choose a solution that fitted best with the rest of the building’s design. Subsequently, Living Projects from the Netherlands together with LED IS MORE installed and programmed more than 700 Philips iColor Flex gen2 pixels in the AFAS logo.


The result

The dynamic RGB installation can be easily controlled using an iPad. In addition to the default settings, the logo can be illuminated in different colours and effects through the web interface.

AFAS customers that visit for training stop at the interactive logo for the unavoidable selfie or group photo that invariably ends up on a social media page.


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Other references

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