Customer vision

Exact software based in Delft, the Netherlands, asked for an identity-reinforcing light concept during a pitch. Lichtvormgevers delivers bespoke solutions in the area of light perception and won this pitch by visualising Exact’s essence through light: the integration and streamlining of business processes.



Our realisation

The atrium’s ceiling was lowered and, therefore, consists of two layers. These layers are surrounded by two coves in which 212 iColor MX RGB LED fittings were installed. The ceiling is supported by six pillars that are illuminated by four Philips Color Kinetics Colorburst 6 RGB LED fittings. These compact fittings deliver a powerful light beam and can be easily controlled.

RGB LED units were integrated in a light profile designed by Lichtvormgevers to highlight the ceiling of the pedestrian bridges between the office wings. 


The result

The building had to provide a view into the atrium through the huge windows from the A13 motorway in accordance with the light vision.

The full system is controlled through a self-produced web interface. You can log into the web interface from inside the Exact network so that it can be deployed easily from a PC.


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Other references

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