Customer vision

The Nextel building was predestined to be a landmark in Antwerp. This is not just expressed in its architecture, but also in the advanced vision of the architect and owner to also integrate the Nextel logo in a beautiful, eye-catching and dynamic way.

Our realisation

The integration of the Nextel branding and architecture was perfectly implemented through a mesh LED display without horizontal cabling. This ensures that the view from the inside to the outside remains intact

Since the room where the media tubes are installed is also used as a meeting room, the decision was taken to use low-noise technology.

The light level also had to be sufficient to ensure it could also be read during the day with the sun shining directly on it because of the toughened windows.

The result

The building is now effectively a landmark: the whole region is talking about it.

The architecture and the integrated LED display ensure that this beautiful combination jumps out at you.

The programming has been adjusted in such a way that a safe traffic conditions continue to be the priority.


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