NN Insurance

Customer vision

The ING Insurance brand name recently made way for the new name: NN insurance.  The top location of the new headquarters in Diegem offered the perfect opportunity to make this new name known. 

NN did not decide to use traditional light advertisement for this, but to use a high-resolution LED display to make the difference with the close-by static logos in a dynamic and transparent manner.

Our realisation

Such a display has a considerable weight and area. Our engineers calculated the maximum forces and loads linked to this to, subsequently, adjust the support structures based on these calculations.  This took place in close consultation with the engineers of the building.

The installation also took place without a hitch through a painstaking preparation of the crane and installation work.

The result

The NN Insurance LED display is simply the most eye-catching even during the day at one of the busiest intersections of Belgium with many roof adverts.


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