Customer vision

The owner of this new office building initially came to us to place the logos of all his lessees on the shared roof in an orderly fashion.

Our realisation

After a thorough analysis, it turned out to be far more interesting to use a large shared LED display on which all lessees can have their own timeslot. Such a system, moreover, deals with the unavoidable comings and goings of lessees better through simple reprogramming. It is also a cost-efficient way to increase the name awareness of the building itself.

After doing the required stability studies, we installed the LED display on a customised structure on the technical storey on the roof. The display and its structure have also been produced in such a way that service can be performed both on the rear and the front.


The result

All stakeholders are very satisfied with the LED display. The lessees have acquired name awareness for their brands. The owner has seen the value of his building increase. The city, although initially sceptical about such a large and strategically installed LED display, is satisfied that agreements related to the light level, dynamics and peaceful transitions are being respected by all parties. We ensure that the logos are made justice to best advantage and we adjust the logos when leases change through the media contract with LED IS MORE.


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