Restaurant Flinstering

Customer vision

The customer wanted to create an alternating ambiance, but in an efficient and sustainable manner

Our realisation

The traditional facade of a restaurant will be attractively illuminated with the LEDline2 and Underwater LED. RGB LED lines will illuminate the white panels along the walls. 

The lights in the toilets, naturally, also had to contribute to the total concept. The 25 bulbs of the existing fitting were replaced by DecoLEDs so that permanently changing moods could be created. We decided to use Philips Color Kinetics eW Downlights as the general lighting. These LED down lights have the same light output as 50 W halogen lights, but deliver energy savings of no less than 70%. We replaced the existing halogen spotlight by small Philips Spot LEDs to illuminate special elements.

To highlight the many colours of the spirits’ bottles in the bar, they are lit up by Philips Color Kinetics eW Cove Powercore fittings. LED lights emits very little heat and, therefore, the alcohol will not heat up.

The result

By pressing a single button, alternating colour effects ensure that other moods are created each time during the evening. Images are also projected on to the walls ranging from subdued black and white photos at the start of the evening to exuberantly moving colour images later on in the evening.


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