Outdoor LED displays

Our outdoor LED displays with high light output are composed of components from well-known manufacturers in Belgium. We pay much attention to internal climate control, which guarantees the best possible operation and a long use period.

We can install an LED display on both a facade and a streamlined designed pillar, post or totem. The LED displays can be supplied in any format because of our modular system with different image brightness options (pitch).

Indoor LED displays

Our indoor LED displays are put together based on the same criteria as our outdoor displays. The difference is rather in the higher resolution and the adjusted consumption and, therefore, the light output:

Turned towards the outside

  • As much light output as the outdoor displays

Turned towards the inside

  • Less light output needed and, therefore, more efficient

Scrolling sign

Scrolling signs will increase your visibility. We use them for all types of objectives and in all imaginable combinations: From a simple time and temperature indication over a one single line display to multiple lines with icons.

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